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Business law deals with the creation of new businesses and the issues that arise as existing.

Family law attorneys help their clients file for separation or divorce, alimony or child custody.

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A Criminal Defense Trial Attorney with close to 30 years of criminal defense experience spanning over four decades.

Attorney Valdez has represented well over 5000 individuals during his career in both his public and private capacity and has conducted over 300 criminal trials, either to a jury or to the court with an eighty-five percent acquittal rate and has only lost 5 jury trials in the past 19 years.

Brown Buffalo Law

Defense Attorney Ramon Valdez understands how you feel and what you are up against. You are not alone, and we at Brown Buffalo Law want to help you. With over 85% of all cases set for trial being dismissed, Ramon Valdez is one of the top criminal defense attorneys in Milwaukee and in fact in the state of Wisconsin.

Brown Buffalo Law handles all types of criminal charges from serious felonies like homicides, aggravated battery, drug charges and sexual assault to less serious crimes like battery, criminal damage to property, disorderly conduct, many offenses under domestic violence, and OWI cases.

With close to 30 years experience, representing more than 5000 individuals, and conducting over 300 trials Attorney Valdez has only lost 5 jury trials in the past 19 years. Put your trust in one of the best criminal defense trial lawyers in Wisconsin headquartered in Milwaukee.

If you have been charged of a crime in the state of Wisconsin, and you need a criminal defense attorney or a trial lawyer, you need to contact Ramon Valdez, he is an aggressive pretrial criminal lawyer who knows the law and knows the criminal justice system. You will be happy you did.

946.75 Denial of right of counsel.
Whoever, while holding another person in custody and if that person requests a named attorney, denies that other person the right to consult and be advised by an attorney at law at personal expense, whether or not such person is charged with a crime, is guilty of a Class A misdemeanor.

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